Meta VR games is mysteriously cutting one of the more loved Oculus games
Meta VR GamesMeta VR Games

Meta VR Games described this as a crossover of Battle School from Ender’s Game and the ultimate Frisbee. We’ve named “the game” Final Fantasy X a “blitz ball” that combines VR. It’s been featured on 2 of our Best VR Games lists–at least three times and was an instant hit when you added the game I designed for CNET before re-joining The Verge. It places you inside a robot’s body in a zero-G arena. You’ll have to use your wrist jets, teammates, obstacles, and opponents to propel you toward success. It’s even become a sport.

Meta VR Games

Today, Echo VR (nee Echo Arena) is being taken down from within through Meta (nee Facebook). Facebook purchased the developer Ready at Dawn, in 2020, following the creation of Echo VR, one of the most played games available on Meta Quest (nee Oculus Quest), and the introduction of its Rift S. Meta will not provide refunds for games that have in-app purchase, currency in-game or DLC.

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In a blog post, which claims to be “open and communicative,” Ready at Dawn insists that the “met averse will foster freedom of expression, rewards creativity, and allows players to safely express themselves in new ways with friends from around the world.” To ensure that this is true, Ready at Dawn has adopted guidelines. Dawn claims that the reason for this is that the game was taken off sale because of legal obligations related to their move to Facebook, and “they’re not providing any convincing reasons! “By this, no way was this decision taken lightly. It was made for many good reasons. “The most significant is the studio uniting to concentrate on the next project we will be working on.”

That’s it. It’s also possible to keep enjoying the game (and its FPS-based counterpart, Echo Combat) up to August 1st, 2023, 10:00 a.m. PST and then they’ll close the servers altogether. The game allows players to gain various rewards related to games during the game.

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It’s difficult to grasp why companies have to stop playing great games because they’ve decided they can’t “support” them. If they’re great, keep supporting them! There are more essential items that Meta continues to inject money into.

VR games

I participated with less Echo VR than I would like, as I had to convince my classmates to buy VR headsets or even play VR games. This fantastic game, played with teams of children who were snarky and loud, which I was used to seeing, didn’t attract me. The foul-mouthed child isn’t just a problem for Echo VR.

Additionally I’ll be waiting for you in zero-G on August 1st. Be aware that the door of the enemy is closed. I was disappointed to discover that this kind of conduct was prevalent during a game I loved.

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