best nintendo switch games Such as Knockout City and Crossfire X
best nintendo switch gamesbest nintendo switch games

Best nintendo switch games a lots of information about live service games being shut down in recent weeks, with Knockout City and CrossfireX being among the most recent titles that have been added to the list.

Best nintendo switch games

This week Velan Studios announced that its dodgeball brawler Knockout City would be wrapping the game after the ninth season, with the global servers shut down on Jun. 6. Velan Studios announced the news via a blog post saying, “This was an extremely difficult decision for us, but a necessary and important one for our studio… In spite of more than 12 million players and billions of KOs all over the planet, there are a few parts of the game needing significant disturbance to more readily draw in and hold an adequate number of players to be economical. Since we are a little, non-mainstream studio, it’s basically outside the realm of possibilities for us to make those sorts of fundamental changes in the live game while proceeding to help it.”

Exploring new possible experiences

The blog post continues to say that once it came into the reality of this, it decided to take an unintentional step back. It will use the lessons learned to begin “exploring new possible experiences for Knockout City and other games and products.” Essential to keep in mind is that, as of Feb. 28, actual money transactions will be taken out of the game, meaning that you’ll be unable to purchase Holobux as well as the deluxe version or one among the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bundles on any platform. However, Season 9, dropping the next day, will feature plenty of XP Style chips, along with “thousands of Holobux,” to make up for the.

At the very most, the Private Server version will also be made available, which means it will exist in any way but only when you have friends to join the game. It’s different for Smilegate’s CrossfireX, however, which was also said to be closing in the coming months.

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Bring Tech Pro has also announced on its blog that CrossfireX will cease to be supported after May 18. The transactions through the Xbox store have been stopped, and no other content is scheduled for the games. If you’ve bought something up to 14 days before Feb. 3, you might be eligible to receive a refund, and it’s worth looking into if you’ve.


The developer of Control Remedy was also part of the team behind CrossfireX’s campaign. It will also cease to be accessible for play after May. This best nintendo switch games is a typical situation in live service games and paints an appealing image for those who aren’t Fortnite.

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