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Best Gaming Everything We Sighted at today’s Xbox Developer Direct, Today Microsoft hosted the Developer Direct presentation, focusing on the latest games that will be coming for Xbox, PC, and Game Pass. We saw a new glimpse at some of the games we were expecting and a fascinating little surprise from the creators of The Evil Within. Let’s dive into the details of what Microsoft presented today.

Mine Craft Legends

Best Gaming: We first heard about Mine craft Legends last year. A spin-off of the wildly popular Sandbox survival game Legends may surprise you by being a game of action and strategy that can be played multiplayer. Legends will feature an option for narrative co-op and PvP using procedurally generated environments. This is similar to what we have seen this week. You can check it out here:

Best Gaming: Forza Motorsport

The folks at Turn 10 showed off some fantastic footage of the Forza Motorsport that is expected to be released in the coming year. The presentation was focused on the more intricate details of the game’s visual appeal, which includes high-detailed dirt and damage as well as “battle scars” that’ll build over your digital vehicles in addition to the extra information that will be added to the game’s dynamic timing of day and the track’s vegetation. The cars are also expected to be more realistic in their physical behavior by enhancing their suspensions and exhaust.

Hi-Fi Rush

Best Gaming: Perhaps we’ve all thought,. “Why should we not take on corporate lords with a vibrantly colored action game with the sound of a beat? And it was created by the same people who made The Evil Within.” You’re in luck: Hi-Fi Rush was today’s most exciting surprise, placing players in the position of aspiring rock stars with a robotic arm that beats the beat using an eerily flying V guitar. Which is logical since the flying V can do. It’s much fun and is available this week! On Game Pass, even.

Red fall

Best Gaming: Arkane is the studio behind Dishonored Prey 2017. Death loop has been working hard on Red fall, an open-world Sandbox FPS that features four players in co-op. Together with other players, you’ll use appropriately gothic guns to slay many vampires who suck up blood. Arkane describes the world as being the enormous world it has ever created. Although it looks similar to Left 4 Dead with vampires, the gameplay today revealed Arkane’s immersive simulator strengths. This means there are many options to face off against enemies and achieve objectives with undetermined results. Red fall is set to release launch on May 2 this year.

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Best Gaming: The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom

ESO continues with the latest expansion called Necrom. Expect a brand-new class called the Arcanist and a few extra planar and terrestrial adventures. With a brand-new area to explore within the mushroom realm of Morro wind. There’s also the chance to stroll in Apocrypha, another of the Elder Scrolls’ lovely hellish realms. The game will be released for PC and consoles between June 5 and 20.


While the year before was not a great year regarding exclusives available for Xbox and Game Pass. High On Life, being possibly the most well-known 2023, certainly looks to be a little more exciting. Bethesda’s highly-anticipated but delayed Star field is also scheduled to release on June 1, not a moment later. Are they sure they’ll stick to the same formula this time?

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