About us

The goal in this paper is to define ethics and standards that are expected in our journalistic work. It contains guidelines for the day-to-day operation of our work as well as to encourage excellence. It is applicable to bring tech pro Media’s New York-based websites.

The reliability and accuracy of every media outlet is being scrutinized and questioned. Our editors, reporters as well as video producers must adhere to the highest standards of journalism in search for truth, so that we preserve the unique relationship of trust that we share with our viewers. We value our reputation as our biggest asset.

We hold those who are seeking control, influence and focus to a high standard and we should expect nothing less from ourselves, even as we continue to be uncompromising in dealing with the difficult issues at which we are the best.

Our Mission

The mission of our editorial sites is to provide the truth and be accountable to no one. This is accomplished through an honest and impartial journalism that is able to reach an engaged and committed audience who are skeptical of presence and sham, and are demanding truth and honesty.

Each website has a unique voice that speaks to a specific public, but they each has a common goal of creating a trusting relationship with their viewers, readers and listeners by delivering innovative and original reporting on what is important to them, or should be important to their readers, viewers and listeners. We share with our readers the things we’ve learned, how we know it and why that it’s important. We also share how we got to where we are today.

The need to help readers comprehend their world is the primary goal of our work. We aim to educate about, dispel, make a statement, challenge, unravel and entertain but above all, to present the truth in the way we think it should be. We write truthfully with a clear and unassuming manner with intelligence and courage. However, we will treat the readers we write about and those we write about as kindly as we can, and acknowledge the humanity of the people we write about.

The Focus

The needs and concerns of our readers are the most important. We cultivate their loyalty and commitment through the high-quality of our journalism as well as their own experience with it and also by allowing readers to share their expertise and opinions. We will be a non-producer-centric audience yet we will serve our audience in innovative, new and unexplored ways.

In 2002, Bring tech pro was founded in 2002 as one of web’s the original “tech blogs,” Bring tech pro is committed to totally free reporting and commentary on science, technology, and online culture.

Bring tech pro’s sections are Earthier (reporting on the effects of climate changes) Io9 (genre entertainment) and Spaceflight (space exploring). The site also includes Bring tech pro, which produces original content.

The future is now here.

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