The Best Smartwatches for Swimming in 2024
The Best Smartwatches for SwimmingThe Best Smartwatches for Swimming

One significant problem prompting people to search for the best smartwatches for swimming is the need for accurate and reliable data tracking while engaging in aquatic activities. Traditional fitness trackers or smartwatches might not have the necessary waterproofing, swim specific tracking capabilities or accurate heart rate monitoring while submerged.

When considering the best smartwatches for swimming in 2024. It’s crucial to look for features such as accurate swim tracking metrics (stroke type, count, distance, pace). Reliable heart rate monitoring while swimming, excellent waterproofing (preferably 5 ATM or higher) and durability against chlorine or saltwater. Additionally, consider factors like battery life, compatibility with your smartphone and any other specific features you prioritize for both swimming and everyday use.

Three smartwatches tailored for swimming in 2024

I can provide a comparison table for these three smartwatches tailored for swimming in 2024:

Features Garmin Forerunner 945 Amazfit Stratos Coros Vertix 2
Rating Highly rated Well-rated Well-rated
Color Options Black, Blue, Red Black Dark Rock, Mountain Hunter
Heart Rate Tracker Yes rate tracking Yes Yes
Activity Tracking Advanced Comprehensive Comprehensive
GPS Built-in Built Built-in
Battery Life Up to 2 weeks (Smartwatch mode) 5 days 60 days (normal use)
Compatibility iOS, Android Android, iOS  iOS, Android
Waterproof Rating 5 ATM (50 meters) 5 ATM (50 meters) 15 ATM (150 meters)
Reasons to Buy Advanced features, Great value for price, Exceptional battery life,
excellent tracking capabilities solid performance, durable build,
for various activities good battery life impressive waterproofing
Prices Almost $600 Almost $200 Around $700
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Please note that prices can vary based on location and time. It’s always a good idea to check for the latest prices before making a purchase. These watches offer different strengths, so considering what’s most important for your needs can help narrow down the choices.

Swimmers and water sport enthusiasts often face these challenges in 2024:

Inaccuracy in Tracking:

Regular fitness trackers may not accurately capture swimming metrics like stroke count, lap times, distance and calorie expenditure. Without precise tracking, it’s challenging to gauge performance or measure improvements.

Lack of Waterproofing:

Many smartwatches aren’t designed to withstand immersion in water or are only water-resistant. Which makes them unsuitable for tracking swim-specific activities.

Limited Features for Swimming:

Non specialized smartwatches might lack swim specific features. Leading to a gap in providing insights tailored to swimming workouts.

Health Monitoring:

While swimming, maintaining accurate heart rate monitoring can be difficult due to water resistance or lack of swim specific sensors.


Regular smartwatches might not be durable enough to withstand the rigors of constant exposure to water and chemicals found in pools or open water environments.

Top picks, Best Smartwatches for Swimming in 2024

The best smartwatches for swimming can vary based on individual preferences. But some highly regarded options known for their swimming features and overall performance include

Garmin Forerunner 945
Garmin Forerunner 945

Garmin Forerunner 945:

Renowned for its advanced swim tracking capabilities, offering metrics like stroke type, stroke count, distance, pace and SWOLF score. It has excellent waterproofing, accurate heart rate monitoring and a variety of other fitness features.

The Garmin Forerunner 945 is the best swimming watch. It can come with special heart rate monitors for running and swimming, but those are extra. This watch can measure your heart rate underwater all by itself, which is cool. It plays music too, so you can listen while swimming with waterproof headphones.

It’s got lots of features for swimming: GPS tracking, pace, stroke count/rate and more for open water swims. In pools, it detects stroke types, gives pacing alerts and even logs drills. It does lots of other fitness stuff and works like a smartwatch for payments. It’s a super cool watch for swimming and everything else!

Coros Vertix 2
Coros Vertix 2

Coros Vertix 2, The Ultimate Swim-Focused Multi-Sport Watch:

Known for exceptional battery life and robust build quality, the Vertix 2 offers comprehensive swim tracking metrics, including stroke recognition, distance, pace, and heart rate monitoring. It also boasts outstanding waterproofing up to 150 meters.

The Coros Vertix 2 stands out as an ultra-durable multi-sport watch, excelling particularly as a swimming companion, ideal for extended use without frequent recharging, lasting up to 140 hours with GPS and 240 in Ultramax mode.

Its 1.48-inch always-on display delivers bold, high resolution visuals, facilitating easy monitoring of training metrics at a glance. Operated predominantly via physical buttons, it ensures usability even with wet hands, a crucial advantage during aquatic workouts.

Notably, the Vertix 2 offers accurate heart rate tracking while swimming, eliminating the need for an additional chest-strap monitor. For high-speed watersports or deep diving enthusiasts, the original Coros Vertix with its 15ATM water resistance rating might be a better fit, though the Vertix 2 remains an impressive choice for most swimming activities.

Amazfit Stratos
Amazfit Stratos

Amazfit Stratos

Affordable and reliable, it tracks swims accurately with essential features like heart rate monitoring and GPS. Its durable build and budget-friendly price cater well to active lifestyles.

Amazfit, owned by Zepp Health, is known for affordable fitness trackers and the Amazfit Stratos lives up to that reputation. It’s a good fitness tracker and a great choice for swimming in pools. It has a swim-tracking mode and even a music player so you can listen to music or podcasts while you work out.

There’s a triathlon mode too, making it easy to switch between cycling, swimming and running without any hassle. It doesn’t have an open water swimming mode, which could be a drawback. But overall, it’s a solid mid range fitness tracker, perfect for indoor training.

Keep an eye out for the Amazfit T-Rex Pro, expected to launch soon. If it’s reasonably priced, it might be a tougher watch and could have that open water swimming feature the Stratos lacks.

Key Features to Check in a Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker for Swimmers in 2024

here are some simple points to look for in a smartwatch or fitness tracker for swimming:

  • Waterproof: It should be okay to use in water without getting broken.
  • Swim Tracking: Check if it can count your laps and strokes when you swim.
  • Heart Rate: Some watches can check your heart even when you swim.
  • Battery Life: Look for how long the battery will last, so it doesn’t stop while swimming.
  • Comfort: It should feel good on your wrist, not too heavy or tight.
  • Ease of Use: It should be easy to understand and use the buttons or touchscreen.
  • Swim Modes: Check if it has different settings for pool swimming or open water swimming.
  • Notifications: Some watches can show messages or calls; see if you want that while swimming.
  • Compatibility: Make sure it works with your phone or tablet.
  • Price: Check if it fits your budget and if it gives you what you need for swimming.

When you pick a swimming tracker in 2024

When picking a swimming tracker, look for ones that count your laps, know which strokes you’re doing, and tell how far you’ve swum in pools or open water. It’s cool if it can also check your heart while swimming. Make sure it can get wet and won’t break and it should be easy to see and use even when your hands are wet. These things help it work well and make swimming more fun!

  • Check if it counts laps and strokes right.
  • See if it can measure how far you swim.
  • Look for one that checks your heart while you swim.
  • Make sure it won’t get broken by water.
  • Find one with a clear screen and easy buttons, even in water.
  • These things help your tracker work well when you swim!

Here’s how I feel about the Garmin Forerunner 945

I love my Garmin Forerunner 945! It’s the best device I’ve ever had. I can wear it in the water, like in the pool or even when I swim in the sea. It’s waterproof and tough. After using it every day for a year, it still looks brand new. The battery lasts a long time too! I use it for running, biking and skating and it works great. But sometimes, when I swim, it doesn’t measure the distance right. I watched a video that explained why this happens. One reason is when I change how I swim while I’m in the water. I’m going to test it again and see, I get better results.

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